COVID-19 Office Updates!

 Before visiting... learn about was has changed with office protocol
COVID-19 Office Visit Protocols
  • All patients need to wear a mask in waiting room. If they do not have a mask, they can stay in their car and wait to be called in for their appointment. After dental procedure is complete, their masks must go back on, as they proceed to the reception desk.
  • Patients are not allowed to brush their teeth in the bathroom.
  • All patients 12 or older will pre-rinse with Colgate peroxyl mouthwash prior to any dental treatment. ADA and CDC are only recommending peroxide to distroy this virus at this time.
  • Patients should be limit bringing others to their appointments.
  • Patients will need to fill out a PATIENT SCREENING FORM before dental treatment. (download Screening form below)
  • Patients will have their temperature taken before entering operatory and it will be recorded in their charts. (CDC recommendation normal temp as 100.4 or below)

  • There will be hand santizer in each room...please use it often.

click here to download Protocol list

The Patient Screening COVID-19 FORM must be filled out prior to dental treatment. 

click here to download PATIENT SCREENING form

We are here to help keep your smile healthy...

We have recently installed an electronic air purifier system for the entire office. Along with HEPA filtration, this purifier will give faster kill rate for microbial contamination in the air as well as on surfaces. Systems like this are found in hospital OR settings.